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Global climate change will have massive economic impact. Learn how changes in the environment will affect the bottom line for businesses and cost - or save - you money in your pocketbook.

American Petroleum Institute
Chief Economist at the American Petroleum Institute, John Felmy, told Planet Forward that there seems to be positive improvements across all forms of energy at the USEA's "State of the Energy Industry" forum.
Planet Forward
In response to President Obama's State of the Union address, Jim Barrett, Chief Economist at the Clean Economy Development Center, explains how businesses investing in green jobs will be more effective than government. Do you agree? Do you know of... Read More
Council of Scientific Society Presidents
Martin Apple, President of Council of Scientific Presidents, said that the United States could become energy independent by 2030, when he spoke to Planet Forward at the USEA's "State of the Energy Industry's" forum.
Why has the entire effort to go green coalesced around large corporations. Those are the same captains of Industry who have failed us and led us to the crisis we face today. There are many green technologies that can be dispersed into the general... Read More
Many business buildings leave the lights on all night ! With new automation systems the lights can be turned off automatically when no one is in the room, and also turned on automatically when someone walks in the room. They cost next to nothing to... Read More
Planet Forward
During his State of the Union address, President Obama set a new goal: by 2035, 80 percent of America's electricity will come from clean energy sources. Watch
Planet Forward
Planet Forward is gearing up for the April 2011 PBS special. Take a look at one nominee and find out how you can weigh in on the idea and have your comment appear on national television
Rhone Resch of Solar Energy Industries Association caught up with Planet Forward at the United States Energy Association's "State of the Energy Industry" forum talking about ways to make solar energy more affordable.
Michael Howard, President and CEO of the Electric Power Research Institute shares with Planet Forward his ideas about the future of electricity at the United States Energy Association "State of the Energy Industry" forum.
Meet biology experts David Nobles and Malcolm Brown, the talented research team that has developed a possible answer to the green energy revolution through their exciting work with algae.