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Global climate change will have massive economic impact. Learn how changes in the environment will affect the bottom line for businesses and cost - or save - you money in your pocketbook.

Scuderi Group
Steve Scuderi, Vice President and Patent Attorney of the Scuderi Group, caught up with Planet Forward at the Washington Auto Show to show us the design for the split cycle engine. This split cycle engine is said to be more efficient than a... Read More
Bio Energy Company
Sapphire Energy believes the time is now to create new energy solutions that are environmental, scalable, and renewable. Sapphire is leading the new industrial category of Green Crude production with the potential to profoundly change America’s... Read More
Mike O'Brien, Vice President of Product and Corporate Planning for Hyundai, caught up with Planet Forward at Auto Show Policy Day on Capitol Hill to fill us in on why hybrids are the latest trend in the auto industry. (Open Energy Information) is built on a linked, open-data platform to facilitate the exchange of renewable energy information by members of its community. Similar in scope to Wikipedia, OpenEI encourages contributions from its users,... Read More
Ford Motor Company
Sue Cishchke, Group Vice President of Sustainability, Environment, and Safety Engineering with Ford Motor Company, talked to Planet Forward at the Washington Auto Show Policy Day on Capitol Hill about its all new plug-in hybrid and new line of... Read More
BMW of North America, LLC
Thomas Baloga, Vice President of Engineering for BMW of North America, caught up with Planet Forward at the Auto Show Policy Day on Capitol Hill to tell us about the new light-weight, carbon-reinforced fiber that will help reduce the weight of the... Read More
Argonne National Laboratory
Don Hillebrand, Director of the Center for Transportation Research at Argonne National Laboratory, spoke to Planet Forward about their new diesel engine that will use low quality, low octane gasoline at the Auto Show Policy Day on Capitol Hill.
University of Arkanasas
Biofuels have been considered as one of the great alternatives to solving the energy problem for transportation fuels. Corn used for ethanol unfortunately competes with a staple foodstuff, and requires significant amounts of land area. Ethanol... Read More
Magnum Energy Solutions LLC is a wireless technology company. The Venergy Control System and building energy management systems has the most innovative, advanced and adaptable system on the market today and we constantly strive to be the industry... Read More