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Global climate change will have massive economic impact. Learn how changes in the environment will affect the bottom line for businesses and cost - or save - you money in your pocketbook.

Facing some of the most intractable foreign policy situations of his term, President Barack Obama is looking inward. In a major speech on March 30th, Obama outlined his plan to reduce oil imports by a third over the next decade and a half while... Read More
Pew Environment Group
In its latest report, "Global Clean Power: A $2.3 Trillion Opportunity," the Pew Environment Group describes profound economic gains over the next decade for countries and regions in the G-20 that enact clean energy policies. The report highlights... Read More
Planet Forward
Can researchers find an easy button that will get Americans to save energy? Some experts say we waste 40% of our energy in our homes. Could this be the gigantic energy reserve, hidden right under our doorsteps, that we need? WATCH!
Planet Forward
At the ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit, Secretary Steven Chu tells us the innovations he think will change our energy future. Which one do you think will be the game changer? Share your comment.
Adam Monroe, President of Novozymes of North America, caught up with Planet Forward at the Washington Auto Show to talk about their plan for developing a way to use agricultural waste for fuel. And how efficient is it? Well watch and find out.
Planet Forward
It's a chicken and egg problem: no place to charge, no reason to buy electric cars; no electric cars, no reason to build places to Planet Forward member shares an innovation that could change that.
The recent Shell Oil energy outlook is widely shared by energy economists. The gains we will make in green energy production are way short of meeting increasing global energy demand. Fossil fuel use will grow and carbon capture and sequestration in... Read More
Dean Doug Guthrie of The George Washington University's School of Business discusses what he thinks will be the key to the future of renewable energy and sustainability. He discusses the importance of federal investment for green businesses, and... Read More
Can algae save the world again? The microscopic green plants cleaned up the earth's atmosphere millions of years ago and scientists hope they can do it now by helping remove greenhouse gases and create new oil reserves. In the distant past, algae... Read More
In the valleys of Appalachia, a battle is being fought over a mountain. It is a battle with severe consequences that affect every American, regardless of their social status, economic background or where they live. It is a battle that has taken... Read More