Algae! Trash! Poop! Organisms convert energy from the sun into energy for life. PF Members offer their solutions on how to turn that biomass into an energy source for mankind.

National Science Foundation
How do we turn biological material into energy? This episode of Green Revolution explores how scientists are studying algae, ants, plants, and sawmill waste to help create fuel for the future.
Pew Environment Group
In its latest report, "Global Clean Power: A $2.3 Trillion Opportunity," the Pew Environment Group describes profound economic gains over the next decade for countries and regions in the G-20 that enact clean energy policies. The report highlights... Read More
National Science Foundation
Carbon neutral gasoline ... from plants! Like everyone else, George Huber knows money doesn't grow on trees. But, ask him where gasoline comes from and he won't just tell you, he'll show you. To fully understand, Science Nation recently went with... Read More
Planet Forward
Cross-posted from Advanced Biofuels USA by Joanne Ivancic
Planet Forward
As an intern for Planet Forward, I have heard about the live taping for our PBS April Special before I could even clearly define the difference between ethanol and butanol. No one at the office could have prepared me for the scene Wednesday night.
Planet Forward
Planet Forward member Dan Gray shares an innovation that goes from the fryer to the racetrack. Do you think this idea can be supersized? Watch>>
Senior Policy Advisor Michael McAdams of Holland & Knight LLP discusses how biofuels are a key innovation for our energy future. He discusses primarily the importance of synthetic biology, gasification, and hydro-prossesing, and how each type of... Read More
Planet Forward
Your viability ratings helped up select 22 nominees, then your votes determined the top three online vote getters. These three pieces made the cut and will be on our April PBS prime time special. Check them out...
Ethanol’s gotten a bit of a bad rap here in the States of late, largely due to the billions of dollars of federal subsidies that are paid to the oil companies each year to blend this renewable domestic fuel into our gasoline. There's been plenty of... Read More
Bob wants even marginal land to be productive, growing energy crops for advanced, sustainable biofuels. He wants food processors to get added value for their residues and waste. He wants to solve a logistics problem. Biomass is expensive to... Read More