Algae! Trash! Poop! Organisms convert energy from the sun into energy for life. PF Members offer their solutions on how to turn that biomass into an energy source for mankind.

Founder and Chief Executive, Planet Forward
It’s no surprise that oil and coal companies are having a banner year. Earthquakes in Japan and revolutions in Africa have oil riding a profitable wave of instability. The Wall Street Journal noted that rising gas prices are a boon to oil... Read More
Planet Forward
Jamie Hestekin and a team of students at the University of Arkansas are converting algae into fuel. They’re hard at work on a prototype machine that, with the press of a button, will let small farmers and other business owners convert algae into... Read More
Planet Forward
Michael Mendez and the team at Sapphire Energy propose turning algae into Green Crude. They already have a large plant in southern New Mexico and hope to bring a product to market, at competitive prices to traditional crude oil. within two years...
Planet Forward
Linda-Rose Myers, president of Eco-Tech Fuels, aims to convert trash into high performance synthetic fuel. Not only does she propose to help clean up the environment, but her particular project hopes to bring an economic boost to a Native-American... Read More
Planet Forward
Gary Dirks at Arizona State University’s LightWorks project seeks to capture the power of the sun. Building a multi-institution collaborative center that tries to harness the various ways sun can turn into energy, Dirks and his team hope to create... Read More
For years there's been buzz -- both positive and negative -- about generating ethanol fuel from corn. The Bay Area is rapidly becoming a world center for the next generation of green fuel alternatives. Meet the scientists investigating the newest... Read More
In a co-production with NOVA Science Now, QUEST explores the potential of algae once considered nothing more than pond scum to become the fuel of the future. Entrepreneurs from the Bay Area to LA are working to create the next generation of biofuels... Read More
Facing some of the most intractable foreign policy situations of his term, President Barack Obama is looking inward. In a major speech on March 30th, Obama outlined his plan to reduce oil imports by a third over the next decade and a half while... Read More
National Science Foundation
How do we turn biological material into energy? This episode of Green Revolution explores how scientists are studying algae, ants, plants, and sawmill waste to help create fuel for the future.
Pew Environment Group
In its latest report, "Global Clean Power: A $2.3 Trillion Opportunity," the Pew Environment Group describes profound economic gains over the next decade for countries and regions in the G-20 that enact clean energy policies. The report highlights... Read More