Algae! Trash! Poop! Organisms convert energy from the sun into energy for life. PF Members offer their solutions on how to turn that biomass into an energy source for mankind.

Bio-Batteries Powered by Sugar
Bio-Batteries Powered by Sugar
Our latest segment from Bloomberg West features a fuel cell that is powered by sugar commonly found in soda and sports drinks.
Researchers from University of Michigan are looking to fish to monitor water quality. But, we're not talking about Nemo, these fish are robots!
The idea is as follows. Cyanobacteria takes water as input and then gives oxygen and protons and electrons as output. So the idea is to genetically manipulate the Cyanobacteria so that the protons and electrons somehow collide to form hydrogen. Then... Read More
The Royal Danish Embassy and the Environmental and Energy Study Institute (EESI) held a Congressional forum focused on how Denmark, which currently holds the Presidency of the European Union (EU), is meeting the economic, environmental, and energy... Read More
Planet Forward
One of our Planet Forward members contacted me with an interesting question:
PARC’s breakthrough clean water platform technology, Hydrodynamic Separation (HDS), can potentially provide multiple benefits, such as: Compact form factor – ideal for space- and weight-constrained sites; Modular and scalable – easily increase or... Read More
FlexEnergy manufactures technology that resolves methane gas pollution and the need for renewable energy. And it does so with two technologies. The Flex Powerstation produces electricity from the widest range of fuels down to as low as 5% methane.... Read More
Using biomass fuels in place of oil and gasoline will help us reduce our dependence on oil and improve our own energy and national security. Replacing these imported fuels with homegrown alternatives, we can begin to generate jobs at home and repair... Read More
Haywood Community College has demonstrated green building techniques to their local community, is building a LEED Platinum building, and bought EVs for their security fleet.
Dude, the school wants more like buildings on campus like the one we built. In Iowa, students at Luther College are not only working together, but living together in order to make their campus more sustainable. Students created a solar-powered... Read More