Algae! Trash! Poop! Organisms convert energy from the sun into energy for life. PF Members offer their solutions on how to turn that biomass into an energy source for mankind.

This Rabbit may run on grease, but it sure is quick! Meet the Greasecar VW Rabbit TDI, which runs on recycled vegetable oil and competes in rallycross events. While converting grease to fuel hasn't gone mainstream yet, plenty of everyday drivers as... Read More
Enel, First Wind, Razer are elevating the bar with anticipateD Geothermal, Wind, Solar and Algae in South Central Utah. The Three Counties of Beaver, Iron and Millard are considered the Alternative Energy Cooridor of Utah. Enel is Deep Drilling to... Read More
Planet Forward
Planet Forward is looking for tech innovations that will shape our energy future. Dan LeFevers, Executive Director of Washington Operations for the Gas Technology Institute, says we should use what we have - collect biogas from livestock manure,... Read More
A van that runs entirely on waste vegetable oil. Could this supplant petroleum as the go-to source for fueling a vehicle?
This term Energy Density is appearing with increasing frequency. The message is that non carbon alternatives, solar, wind, bio, etc cannot attain the needed prevalance to ever replace coal, petroleum and natural gas .
Vegawatt provides restaurants with the technology to recycle their cooking oil and convert it into electricity and heat for the ENTIRE restaurant.
See how landfills across the country are using gas that is normally burned off in landfills, which endangers the environment, and instead converting it into energy. You'll see that waste really isn't a waste afterall.
Biodiesel made from waste fats can drive diesel trucks and generators -- without requiring any kind of retrofitting.
Planet Forward
Last week I visited an anaerobic methane digester in Skagit County, Washington. The plant, owned by Kevin Maas and his brother of Farm Power Northwest, produces 750 kilowatts of electricty, enough to power 500 homes and accounts for 0.5% percent of... Read More
Filmed at the 13th Annual Congressional Renewable Energy and Efficiency EXPO + Forum, held on May 27, 2010. The EXPO brought together 50 businesses, sustainable energy industry trade associations, government agencies, and energy policy research... Read More