Algae! Trash! Poop! Organisms convert energy from the sun into energy for life. PF Members offer their solutions on how to turn that biomass into an energy source for mankind.

Planet Forward
At the National Press Club meeting November 29th, Energy Secretary Steven Chu explained the risks the United States is facing as it continues to lose its footing as a world leader in science and energy.  In this segment, Secretary Chu takes audience... Read More
Planet Forward
Energy Secretary Steven Chu told the National Press Club that time may be running out for the United States to lead in sciences and energy. Watch his full speech here.
It’s time for a restructuring of America’s sewage system. When you flush waste and water down the toilet, it takes energy to pump and filter that water. And much of our country’s energy is created through the burning of harmful fossil fuels. So how... Read More
Next time you flush the toilet, think about all the CO2 you are releasing into the atmosphere. No, you are not personally releasing gases into the atmosphere when you tug down on that handle and see the water spinning, but we could offset about half... Read More
Despite all the green washing out there (and there is lots of it, lets be clear), corn-based ethanol is far from a panacea in terms of reducing America's dependence on imported oil, dependency on fossil fuels, reducing greenhouse gases and... Read More
SBSC (Spectrum Blue Steel Corporation) promotes "Go beyond oil"
Iowa's next Secretary of Agriculture Francis Thicke explains his vision for independent energy for Iowa farms
Today’s alternative energy entrepreneurs may still be early-adopting pioneers, but the the weight of the federal government is rapidly catching up. Nowhere is this more visible than the push for algal fuels - biodiesel and comparable fuels made... Read More
This Rabbit may run on grease, but it sure is quick! Meet the Greasecar VW Rabbit TDI, which runs on recycled vegetable oil and competes in rallycross events. While converting grease to fuel hasn't gone mainstream yet, plenty of everyday drivers as... Read More
Enel, First Wind, Razer are elevating the bar with anticipateD Geothermal, Wind, Solar and Algae in South Central Utah. The Three Counties of Beaver, Iron and Millard are considered the Alternative Energy Cooridor of Utah. Enel is Deep Drilling to... Read More