Can we create a green American dream home? Can we take those green building methods to a larger scale? Can we build a green office park? PF Members think so.

My “idea” is quite idealistic in its self. In order to solve the efficiency problems of our daily lives, multiple solutions must be addressed simultaneously. To do so, my idea provides a possible solution to filter sewage/waste water, while... Read More
After perusing "The New York Times" online (in the green living section), I found an article that led me to search about this idea. I came to find this link online:
The Gulf Coast of Mississippi has built government buildings such as City Hall in Gulfport that are green buildings and the new Congressman, Steven Palazzo, gives his opinion. Residents also weigh in on the matter.
BPI, Green Building Council, DE, Home Builder Association of DE
New homes powered by solar PV panels that require no propane, no gas, no oil to heat or energize the home is our idea. By using the net metering laws, green construction techniques, passive solar design, and a little bit of imagination we have... Read More
More often than not, Historical Homes are not allowed to add any type of attachments tat alter their appearance. In Oxford, MS home owners of historical homes are allowed to add solar panels to their homes to make them more energy efficient. Our... Read More
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At approximately 10:45 AM EST Thursday, FIFA (Soccer's international governing body) announced Qatar as the host of the 2022 World Cup. The announcement, which shocked people around the world, came minutes after Russia was announced as the World Cup... Read More
With over 60% of Danish buildings receiving heating and hot water via District Heating (80% of which comes from surplus energy sources) Denmark is the world leader in District Heating and Cooling Technology. District Heating has played a vital role... Read More
Do something small to save something big. By lowering our thermostats a mere 2 degrees we can save the CO2 output equivalent of driving over 600 miles.
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Last month we test drove Nissan's Leaf...this month, we show you one way you may be able to afford solar panels with zero upfront costs. Check out our piece on PBS's Nightly Business Report and let us know what you think of Planet Forward member... Read More
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The City of Seattle recently announced Priority Green, a new program that provides incentives for and prioritizes green construction projects. This program, says the city, will promote and facilitate green innovation, design, and efficiency