Can we create a green American dream home? Can we take those green building methods to a larger scale? Can we build a green office park? PF Members think so.

Elon University
Last summer, I lived in a sustainable treehouse community in Finca, Costa Rica and filmed the experience. As it turns out, I ended up filming a celebrity bulldog named Kimbo Slice. Check out Kimbo's quest! More videos coming soon!
Once known for having one of the most polluted lakes in the U.S., Syracuse New York is trying to right a wrong and make their waterways clean enough for swimming and fishing. They were one of the first communities to adopt clean water laws and have... Read More
Technology will only get us so far when it comes to sorting out the worlds environmental issues. The Earth Pyramid will be monument that will act as a platform for discussing environmental issues and give a generation of children a chance to have... Read More
National Science Foundation
Because cities have so many dark surfaces that absorb heat, they can become extremely hot and congested during the summer. A new study suggests that by painting roofs white, city temperatures could decrease nearly two degrees during the summer... Read More
How do we protect and efficiently use the water we do have? These researchers in California collected rainwater, that would otherwise be wasted, in wetlands and swales so it could be reclaimed and used in agriculture.
Planet Forward
Here’s a puzzler.  Right at the time of day when some kids are most likely to get into trouble, most schools close the door and turn off the lights.  Seems silly, doesn’t it?  That disconnect, along with a slew of other good reasons, has helped give... Read More
At the annual Greenbuild Conference Expo in Toronto, the Center for Green Schools and United Technologies Corp. held a press conference to announce findings from a new independent study conducted on green schools, as well as initiatives the Center... Read More
George Washington University
This week, we take you into the classroom and look at how some organizations are hoping that kids will be "sustainability natives."
The George Washington University
See how the world can compare to your kitchen. It's quite crowded with 7 billion people. What will happen when there are 9 billion? Tune in! Video Produced by: Sara Snyder and Bridgett Lynn To join the conversation: #thinkfwd Talk about your solar... Read More
Paul Bertram of Kingspan discusses their work in the area of insulation and how it can improve the energy efficiency of our buildings. Bertram says "insulation is the cheapest thing you can do to make your home more energy efficient."