The planet is changing. The cockroaches will be fine, but what about us? See what these PF Members are doing to adapt to the impacts of climate change.

Former Admiral and current president of the American Council on Renewable Energy Dennis McGinn discusses the power of choice in overcoming oil dependency.
National Science Foundation
Science at work! NSF-funded engineers have found a way to make solar cells with plastics in a cheaper, more environmentally-friendly way.
Planet Forward
THIS WEEK: Holy cow! This week Planet Forward got up close and personal with some Virginia livestock. DC Brau, the first local brewery in D.C. feeds their organic waste to livestock in the Virginia area. Take a look!
Who better to discuss the evolution of American oil prices than the former president of Shell Oil? John Hofmeister discusses the history of oil consumption and a secure energy future that involves viable alternatives such as biofuels and high-... Read More
Are flex-fuel cars the future? Former CIA Director James Woolsey proposes that we "do like the Brazilians do." See why this idea may transform the vehicle fleet.
George Washington University
THIS WEEK: This week Planet Forward is taking a look at the work PISA, a GW-based group, is doing in Nam Dinh, Vietnam. The women in Nam Dinh are adapting to a changing planet and they say they learned their tricks from none other than their... Read More
Take a green tour of 5 sustainable communities around the world. From South Africa to Japan, local communities are going green. Has your community made any steps towards a cleaner future? Let us know, here!
National Science Foundation
Because cities have so many dark surfaces that absorb heat, they can become extremely hot and congested during the summer. A new study suggests that by painting roofs white, city temperatures could decrease nearly two degrees during the summer... Read More
Planet Forward
Every year, two million people die from a killer in the kitchen: their cookstoves. A new report from the UN Foundation says the toxic smoke from these crude devices cookstoves can lead to child pneumonia, lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary... Read More
National Science Foundation
NSF-sponsored research at an Ohio college has led to a revolutionary discovery, a new form of silica glass that can absorb and extract large amounts of contaminants from water and air.