The planet is changing. The cockroaches will be fine, but what about us? See what these PF Members are doing to adapt to the impacts of climate change.

The George Washington University
By Morgan Weil and Haley Milon Watch the video>> As someone who lives a block away from the National Mall, I cannot imagine looking out my window and seeing a lake. Or a river. Or a bay? Well, that’s a possibility. Yep. Those 309.2 acres of... Read More
The George Washington University
DC's chief environmental officer, Christophe Tulou, has devised a plan to protect the nation's capital from storm damage. See the engineering innovation that is protecting the monuments on the national mall. Watch
If you could exchange your F-150's current gas engine with a plug-in hybrid engine, would you? Xtreme Power is developing a "bolt-in" system that will swap your engine in less than 2 hours.
National Science Foundation
In an NSF-sponsored project, computer scientists at the University of Utah have developed techniques to reduce the energy consumption of computers associated with large, temporary storage areas, called caches. The innovation could significantly... Read More
Here's an ode to get behind: "A hydrogen fuel cell is in the making. It breaks down water it turns it in the fuel emitting zero pollution which is real cool." Watch/Listen
National Science Foundation
A team of undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Central Florida is transforming fly ash--a waste product from coal-fired power plants--into an environmentally friendly adsorbent for oil-spill cleanup. Researchers hope this... Read More
Planet Forward
Tesla Roasters might remain the sexiest EVs on the road, but what are Planet Forward members excited about? We list our top 5 ideas in electric cars.
Two things are clear in the wake of the COP17 international climate negotiations in Durban, South Africa. First, time is not on our side in the fight against climate change. And second, the world needs to look beyond national governments for... Read More
A host of data point to one conclusion: Our increasingly hotter, drier planet is going to be a tough place to farm. Read This
The George Washington University
Did you know beer could be green? Neither did we. At first when my partner and I set out to do this project, we thought our innovation was the fact that a local brewery, DC Brau, reused their waste by paying farmers to take it to their farms and... Read More