The planet is changing. The cockroaches will be fine, but what about us? See what these PF Members are doing to adapt to the impacts of climate change.

Minnesota 2020
Streetlights cost millions of dollars every year in energy bills and equipment upkeep. A new neighborhood initiative in the Minnehaha-Hiawatha community of Minneapolis is testing a lighting system using LED and induction technology to improve energy... Read More
Planet Forward
Replace your water filter...with oysters? See how some communities are letting nature do their dirty work.
UNSW Australia
Researchers in Australia have created a way to turn old plastic bags and rubber tires into steel! The process not only reduces the amount of waste thrown into landfils, but makes steel production less expensive and more energy-efficient.
Ottawa is the primary capital of the country of Canada. It is located in the province of Ontario and is the second largest city in the entire province and the fourth largest city in all of Canada. It is located along the Ontario – Quebec border. It... Read More
Got some extra cans sitting around? This PF innovator did, so he made a DIY solar heater. Items that would’ve gone to waste, such as recycled beer cans, are put to good use and become part of a solar home heater!
The George Washington University
by Jon Fenech and Natalie Kornicks Think one day without coffee is bad? Climate change patterns aren’t just affecting the farmers who grow coffee as a way of living.  It’s affecting the countries exporting tons of coffee beans daily.  It’s affecting... Read More
Written by Eric Vermeiren What do jet engines, computers, transistors, the internet, and the Global Positioning System (GPS) have in common?  They all owe their existence to early stage investment by the U.S. Government. When it comes to emerging... Read More
Although you can fish for salmon in the Great Lakes, us Midwesterners consider them a delicacy. Restaurants fly them in daily from the Eastern Seaboard and Norway. Rarely ever do we eat a Lake Michigan salmon—especially at a fair price. I grew up... Read More
Danny Kennedy of Sungevity says that his company spends as much time working through the permitting process as they do installing solar panels. How can local governments help speed the way to solar roofs? Watch
Minnesota 2020
How can communities take advantage of local resources to produce enough energy to meet their needs? This research program from the University of Minnesota is trying to find out.