The planet is changing. The cockroaches will be fine, but what about us? See what these PF Members are doing to adapt to the impacts of climate change.

Fountain Head-II Cleantech India Pvt Ltd
Businesses all over, in every country are in flux. The fine tuning between economic growth with the least environmental damage, while maintaining the modern life-style is challenging to say the least. But it is precisely during these challenging... Read More
National Science Foundation
Project GreenLight added direct current-powered (DC) servers as one of its instrumented server facility capabilities. This enables real-world experiments to gauge whether large computing facilities can operate on less power if they take alternating... Read More
We have generators that are attached to the side of either a moving or stationary boat that recharges batteries for the use of electrical motors or any electrical needs aboard the boat. This would allow the reduction for the need of hydrocarbon... Read More
Minnesota 2020
Minneapolis-based Project for Pride in Living strives to transform economic value in discarded consumer materials (mainly plastic bags and mattresses) while investing in the economic potential of people have fallen through the cracks in... Read More
UNSW Australia
With 7 billion mouths to feed--and many more to come--how will our cities, economies, health systems and environments cope? What are the challenges and opportunities? Some of UNSW's experts to canvass the big issues surrounding the global... Read More
Planet Forward
Madagascar's forests are home to rare plant and animal speces found nowhere else in the world. But those forests are disappearing quickly... and National Geographic's Luke Dollar is working hard to save them.
Georgia Tech focuses on solving real-world sustainability problems for people around the world.
What is cuter than little kids working in a garden? Students at the University of South Florida are including their entire community in their attempt to be more environmentally friendly. One part of their project is educating children about... Read More
Its mascot might be the Sun Devil, but Arizona State University is using solar energy to make positive changes in its community. They’ve already installed the largest university solar system in the country, giving students an opportunity to learn... Read More