The planet is changing. The cockroaches will be fine, but what about us? See what these PF Members are doing to adapt to the impacts of climate change.

PARC’s breakthrough clean water platform technology, Hydrodynamic Separation (HDS), can potentially provide multiple benefits, such as: Compact form factor – ideal for space- and weight-constrained sites; Modular and scalable – easily increase or... Read More
At present, both efficiency and output of solar thermal power plants are quite low and it's a big reason behind the high cost of kWh electricity produced in present day solar thermal power plants. The other reason is the high cost of maintenance of... Read More
Minnesota 2020
Eolos is the Ancient Greek god of wind and the namesake for a new wind power research station at the University of Minnesota's UMore Park in Rosemount. Launched in 2010 with grants from the Recovery Act and the US Department of Energy, the station... Read More
i3 is simply one source for instant updates on clean technology investments, IPOs, mergers, acquisitions, business relationships, and other financing activity. Clients have full access to the searchable, filterable, and exportable database of... Read More
Planet Forward
This is a full panel recording from the GW Moving the Planet Forward Conference. To see highlights from this panel, go here. Moderator: Megan Hughes, Reporter, Bloomberg TV Guests: Aneesh Chopra, Former U.S. Chief Technology Officer Mayo Shattuck,... Read More
Quality Resource Technologies
One of the largest modes of transporting goods has been steel shipping containers. They have a dead weight that must be added to the transportation and costs, they also must be transported empty using huge amounts of fossil fuels adding to the... Read More
Planet Forward
Alex Laskey, of energy data company Opower, discusses how his company's real-time updates have measurable results on consumers' energy use. Former White House Chief Technology Officer, Aneesh Chopra discusses how energy technology and information... Read More
Planet Forward
Mark Vachon, Vice President, GE ecomagination, attended the GW Moving the Planet Forward Innovation Summit at The George Washington University. As the head of the ecomagination program, he was tasked with making the business case for sustainability.
The Army Research Lab in Maryland looks at innovative ways to make the US Military the best equipped fighting force in the world. Looking at everything from better blast resistant armored vehicles to new materials for helmets to protect against head... Read More
Minnesota 2020
In Minnesota, they know how cold it can get, so they’re looking for innovative ways to stay warm. School officials are going deep into the ground to harness geothermal energy, which is then used to create a warmer environment for students.