Welcoming our feathered neighbors

By Paula Milenkova and Maya Thompson

Do the chirps of birds wake you up every morning? That's the case in our house and after long enough, we decided to listen to what they were saying. Due to urbanization, many birds may not have had a choice in moving in; but with the help of research we discover the power of change homeowners yield in refurnishing their yard. Ornithologists (bird scientists!) have been conducting case studies since the early 2000s and we took to some citizen science while studying our own neighborhood. 

We found it especially interesting how bird species native to the area may be at a disadvantage when competing with birds that have adapted to the man-made conditions of cities. To improve the wellbeing of native species, consider planting native fauna in your yard or nearby parks, providing supplemental feeders, and advocating for proactive change in conversations with your municipality.

All material is that of Paula Milenkova and Maya Thompson.

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