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Global climate change will have massive economic impact. Learn how changes in the environment will affect the bottom line for businesses and cost - or save - you money in your pocketbook.

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Innovation doesn't just happen in a beaker, some teachers are creating new ways to inspire students to learn more about climate change, and changing their own campuses in the process.

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If it gets built, there's an engineer involved somewhere. Check out some ideas on engineering the things we use everyday to be cleaner and more efficient.

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Our Planet Forward Featured Global Journalists are members of the world journalism community who are highly regarded reporters in their countries and regions. We're sharing their work here to help broaden your perspective and knowledge of...

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Eat better, smarter. Grow cleaner, more sustainable food. Great bumper stickers, but how do you do it? PF members offer their solutions on how use science and good practice to feed ourselves more sustainably.

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A lot of simple, seemingly insignificant things can add up to a positive and meaningful global change. PF Members have solutions to living a more sustainable day to day life.

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Nexus Media is a syndicated newswire covering climate, energy, politics, art and culture...

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Not just talk: policy leads to law which leads to action, but the politics behind going green are complicated.

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Planet Forward Member ideas to make the path from Point A to Point B a lot greener.

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The human body is 70% water. The surface of the earth is 70% water. It is THE most important substance for making life possible. Learn about insightful ideas for using water, keeping it clean and getting it where people need it.