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Planet Forward staff

Planet Forward engages young people and innovators in search of solutions to the biggest challenges facing our planet. Through media, teaching and convening we empower new voices and elevate compelling ideas. This is the team that makes it happen on a daily basis.

Founder and Chief Executive, Planet Forward

Frank Sesno loves stories. He's been telling them all his life. In high school, through his student newspaper. In college, on the radio. In his 21 years with CNN, through pictures, interviews, and documentaries. As CNN White House...

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Director, Planet Forward

Daniel Reed is on a mission to move the Planet Forward through powerful, inspiring stories.

He is director of Planet Forward, leading the team and project since 2013 and has served the GW community for more than 10...

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Senior Managing Editor, Planet Forward

Kim is the senior managing editor for Planet Forward. She joined the team as temporary help for the 2015 Summit and quickly decided she just wasn’t going to leave because she fell in love with the team and the project. Thankfully, Planet Forward...

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Program Coordinator, Planet Forward

Hannah is the program coordinator at Planet Forward where she connects students and faculty to the resources they need to educate and share impactful environmental stories. Since joining the Planet Forward team in 2017, she is expanding...

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Director of Academic Adventures, Planet Forward

Dr. Imani M. Cheers is an award-winning digital storyteller with a passion for moving the planet forward. Dr. Cheers is originally from Chicago but grew up in post-apartheid South Africa. That's where her love for the environment...

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Planet Forward Copy Editor | George Washington University

Grant is studying journalism at George Washington University's School of Media & Public Affairs. A lover of languages, he also studies Spanish and German.

Currently, he is working on a short documentary that gives...

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Planet Forward Graphic Designer | George Washington University

Ellen Wang is a graduate student at GWU studying Environmental Resource Policy. She uses her background in graphic design to tell visually compelling stories about complex environmental topics. Ellen hopes to work in science translation...

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Planet Forward Digital Media Producer | George Washington University

Dylan is a senior at The George Washington University studying Journalism. Dylan produces video content for Planet Forward, showcasing innovative solutions for environmental issues. Growing up in The Great Lakes State, Dylan has long...

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Planet Forward Social Media Specialist | George Washington University

Emily Insana is a junior who studies journalism at the School of Media and Public Affairs at George Washington University. Emily minors in fine art where she paints about environmental issues such as how plastic waste effects animals such as sea...

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Planet Forward Engagement & Outreach Specialist | George Washington University

Rachel Reh is a second-year graduate student at the George Washington University. She previously worked for Frank Sesno as a teaching assistant in the School of Media and Public Affairs. Upon graduation, Rachel hopes to work in higher...

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