Planet Forward Storyfest winners travel to Rome

By Frank Sesno

Planet Forward is off to Rome.

Our inaugural Storyfest winners will present their ideas to food leaders during the UN-FAO’s 42nd Committee on World Food Security meeting — leading up to World Food Day on Friday, Oct. 16.

For Planet Forward’s first Storyfest contest, we gave students the prompt: Food + Innovation = ?

The two winners, voted tops by our team of expert judges and announced at the 2015 Feeding The Planet Summit, were: Jeremy Robison and David Wilson from Purdue University, and Anahi Ruiz and Lauren Pollack from The George Washington University.

Robison and Wilson won for the Purdue Engineering Team’s practical utility platform, or PUP, a vehicle that answers some of the challenges in developing countries, ranging from a lack of infrastructure to sheer distance.

Ruiz and Pollack explored urban agriculture in a world with both a growing population and increasing urbanization by interviewing a passionate advocate who started a business in urban gardening.

Robison, Wilson and Ruiz will be traveling with myself and the Planet Forward team, where we’ll participate in an Idea Incubator in the area of food security and nutrition, our students will present their videos to leaders, and we’ll attend events with former Irish president Mary Robinson and meet with U.S. Ambassador David Lane.

Stay tuned for our next Storyfest contest announcement on Oct. 19!

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