Our 2021-22 Planet Forward Correspondents

(Photo by Ljubomir Žarković/Unsplash).

We are pleased to announce our 2021-2022 team of Planet Forward Correspondents! Get to know them below:

  • Ryan Bieber – Ithaca College. Ryan is a Journalism major with minors in Environmental Studies and Spanish.
  • Greer Blount – George Washington University. Greer is a senior majoring in Communications with minors in Journalism and Dance.
  • Helen Bradshaw - Northwestern University. Helen is a junior studying Journalism, Art History, and Integrated Marketing Communications.
  • Kaitlyn Copland – Eckerd College. Kaitlyn is majoring in Marine Science and minoring in Film Studies.
  • Skylar Epstein – George Washington University. Skylar is a senior majoring in Political Science with minors in Journalism and History.
  • Hannah Frankel – Middlebury College. Hannah is a senior majoring in Literary Studies.
  • Lexi Hernandez – Chapman University. Lexi is majoring in Environmental Science & Policy as well as Sociology while minoring in Art History.
  • Lily John – SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry. Lily is a sophomore majoring in Environmental Studies.
  • Halley Hughes – University of Arizona. Halley is a junior studying Natural Resources and the Environment with focuses on Global Change Ecology and Urban and Regional Development.
  • Clarice Knelly – SUNY Plattsburgh. Clarice is a senior majoring English: Writing Arts and minoring in Environmental Science and Canadian Studies.
  • Kai Lepley – University of Arizona. Kai is a graduate student pursuing a Ph.D. in Geography.
  • Diana Quintero – Arizona State University. Diana is a senior majoring in Journalism and Mass Communications with a minor in Business.
  • Carter Weinhofer – Eckerd College. Carter is studying in Environmental Studies and Spanish.

2021-22 Senior Correspondents:

  • Evan Barnard – American University. Evan is a graduate student pursuing a masters in Natural Resources and Sustainable Development.
  • Ali Wilt – Northwestern University. Ali is a senior majoring in Journalism and minoring in Environmental Policy and Culture.

All Correspondent work will be featured here. Check back frequently!

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Hub Content

A bright blue sky stands behind towering mountains carved deep in the center by ancient glaciers. On the right a bright orange life jacket and camera lens are visible of a photographer capturing the scene aboard a small boat. Blue-green water is immediately in the foreground.

Ancient glaciers carved this canyon in Tracy Arm Fjord thousands of years ago. Our group sailed via Zodiac to the glacier’s face. (Halley Hughes/University of Arizona)

Planet Forward Sr. Correspondent | University of Arizona
An expedition with Lindblad in Southeast Alaska shows the realities of climate change and uncovers the mysteries behind the "language" of rocks.
Student in a GW sweatshirt smiles while holding up a decorated blue water bottle.

Student shows off their newly decorated Didómi bottle. (Brian Bishop/Didómi)

Planet Forward Correspondent | George Washington University
George Washington University kicked off its campaign to distribute 30,000 reusable water bottles to the GW community through a partnership with Didómi.
Planet Forward Correspondent | George Washington University
The manatee population on Florida’s East coast has suffered from an “unusual mortality event” since December 2020. Wildlife officials and conservation groups have responded to the crisis with emergency policy innovations and lawsuits respectively.
Planet Forward Correspondent | Eckerd College
In this video essay, Planet Forward Correspondent Kaitlyn Copland reflects on her coastal upbringing and connects it to the importance of ocean conservation and education.
An illustration of a green globe encompassed by green skyscrapers with a towering hoops with vines at center.

Like many large corporations, Google has made numerous claims about their environmental sustainability and mitigation efforts. (geralt/Pixabay)

Planet Forward Correspondent | SUNY Environmental Science and Forestry
Like many corporations, Google has made numerous claims about their environmental sustainability and mitigation efforts. In order to examine their validity, I interviewed a current Google employee about this topic and conducted my own research.
Protesters hold a sign that reads "ACT NOW CLIMATE CRISIS"

The COP26 Weymouth Rally and Demonstration on the Global Day of Action for Climate Justice, organized by the COP26 Coalition Dorset Hub (Stephen and Helen Jones/Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 2.0 ))

Planet Forward Correspondent | Eckerd College
Planet Forward Correspondent Kaitlyn Copland sits down with Gregor Sharp, an 18-year-old climate activist, to discuss the power social media has to mobilize individuals for a sociopolitical cause.
Man in cap stands on a pier holding a fishing rod, the line of which is cast into a body of blue water under a blue sky with white clouds.

Fisherman Mark Brooks fishes off the Sunshine Skyway North Pier. Mark is just one example of how fishing fosters community and sustainability. (Carter Weinhofer/Eckerd College)

Planet Forward Sr. Correspondent | Eckerd College
With an increasing demand for waterfront properties and the growing impact of climate change, fishing communities are in danger; but, the societal and economic roles filled by fishing are irreplaceable.
A side by side of two forested mountains.

Left: Spain, 2021 (Ryan Bieber/Ithaca College) Right: California, 2019 (Andreas Haslinger/Unsplash)

Planet Forward Correspondent | Ithaca College
There are two huge mountain ranges, on two different continents, both of the same name. The similarities don’t end there either. Both are being increasingly affected by climate change.
Planet Forward Sr. Correspondent | University of Arizona
A multitude of unexpected benefits have sprouted after water was added to a river in Tucson, creating an explosion of desert biodiversity.
Woman in a mask and brown shirt sits working amidst garment equipment and other workers.

Photo by FABRIC Incubator

Planet Forward Correspondent | Arizona State University
A non-profit fashion incubator based in Tempe, Arizona is focused on helping apparel entrepreneurs enter the industry in a sustainable manner. They have founded several initiatives to minimize waste in the fashion industry.