Carbon Neutral and Mighty Delicious

Carbon Neutral and Mighty Delicious


Do you know where your favorite restaurant’s ingredients come from? Probably not, right? 

The award-laden Founding Farmers of Washington, DC thinks that’s a problem. They buy almost all their ingredients from sustainable local farms, but that’s certainly not all they do to create the ultimate dining experience. They’ve taken this idea several steps further to become completely “carbon neutral.” Calling all foodies of the District: this is an experience you simply can’t miss out on.  

Restaurants are the retail world’s largest energy user, with 3,792 full-service restaurants in Washington, DC alone. Founding Farmers has managed carbon neutrality through some pretty creative feats, and if DC’s other restaurants followed their lead, they could reduce about 1,132,000 cars’ worth of carbon from the atmosphere each year: that’s more than twice the population of DC!
The best chefs agree: local food just tastes better, and businesses are finally catching on. But this trailblazer is leading the pack towards a whole new type of restaurant.

Sumner Byrne is a senior at The George Washington University majoring in French and Communication with a minor in Sustainability.

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