60 Second Selfie Challenge 'How-To'

It’s all about the selfie these days. You’ve probably got plenty on your timeline - why not take one more to help solve the world’s most difficult challenges?

Planet Forward is looking for your selfie videos about sustainable innovations in your community and on your campus related to food, energy, water and climate change. We want to hear from YOU - what do you see that can help us move the planet forward?

This month, we’re especially focused on the impact of climate change and weather volatility on food and agriculture and how innovations in food can help offset the impact of climate change. The best selfie videos that explore how weather is affecting food production will be shown at our first salon on September 30th. Your video and the innovation you care about could be featured on planetforward.org and even shown to top decision makers from the government, nonprofit, academic and business worlds.

It’s About You, It’s About Innovation

The planet needs our help, and it’s up to us to help spread the word about the innovations that will help us find solutions to hunger, malnutrition, water depletion, pollution, sea level rise, species extinction or any number of global environmental challenges. We need innovation now, more than ever, so make sure to answer these five key questions about innovation in your video:

  1. What is the idea or innovation?
  2. What’s new about it?
  3. How does it work?
  4. What difference can it make?
  5. Why do you love it?

To learn more about how to make a story about an innovation, check out our founder, Frank Sesno, on innovation.

The Details

The beauty of a selfie video is that anyone can do it, so we’re keeping things simple for our first call for videos this year. Shoot with your phone, make it fun and spontaneous and show us what’s really going on in your community. You don’t need fancy shooting and editing tricks, you don’t need to add music (though you can sing your innovation if you want), and you don’t need it to be long - 60 seconds for a video or 500-700 words for a written blog (+a selfie!) will do the trick.

Our Digital Video Guy, Devin Greene, just shot The World’s Greatest Selfie Video to show you the way if you’ve never shot a selfie video before - join him on a journey through Planet Forward HQ’s neighborhood as he dodges shooting obstacles and shows you how to take the viewer on a journey. Also, check out the selfies that have already been submitted on our Facebook page.

Submit your selfie video or blog at Idea Central - we’ll take it from there and put your video in front of our audience and top experts. You can find a complete guide to submitting, and some great tools on how to tell your innovation story at Idea Central, which can help you figure out just what you want to say on camera.

We’re ready to move the planet forward, and ready to hear your amazing innovations - grab your phone, point it at your face, and let’s go!

How do you move the Planet Forward? Tweet us @planet_forward or contribute to the conversation with your own story.