And We're Back

Wow. What a wonderful whirlwind. Guatemala happily surprised us all. And what I really mean is the people surprised us. Each person that we encountered in Guatemala showed so much love for their country and so much excitement to share “their Guatemala” with us. Each person wanted to do something, anything, to make the country or simply the lives of their family better. These people brought purpose and excitement to our trip. Not the food, not the volcanoes, not the lake, but the people. They are enterprising, dynamic and passionate about making Guatemala’s future a little brighter.

Thank you to all the individuals and organizations that honestly and gracefully shared their personal experiences and aspirations with us. Your time and words are being carefully considered and reviewed with the intent that our group’s research can help the fight against chronic child malnutrition in Guatemala.  

A couple of conclusions that we can immediately draw from our trip:

1) Guatemala is absolutely in a new stage of societal cohesion because of its fight against chronic child malnutrition. There is new energy amongst all sectors of society. It is not just something being said for political purposes.

2) Radio, in all of its many forms, is the most flexible form of communicating with the populations most affected by chronic child malnutrition and should be better leveraged. The most affected populations tend to be rural, poor, illiterate and indigenous. Additionally, there are more than 22 indigenous languages spoken in Guatemala. Radio has the capacity to reach these people because it is free, spoken and broadcasted in many indigenous languages.

Thanks for checking-in and stay tuned, everyone. More conclusions from our research in the field will be coming your way shortly!

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Photos from Explorers In Guatemala.

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