Innovative. Stable. Organized. Committed.

No, no. We’re not writing a post about ourselves! You really are too kind. Actually, today, we’re writing about FUNDESA. It appears that they too are all of these delightful characteristics.

FUNDESA (Fundación para el Desarrollo de Guatemala/Foundation for Guatemalan Development) is an independent think tank funded by the private sector that, according to their website, “advocate(s) for innovations and the implementation of new ideas and concepts jointly with national and international organizations in Guatemala” to solve “key issues that affect the Guatemalan people.” Under their Mejoremos Guate (Let’s Improve Guatemala) initiative the think tank’s Alianza por la Nutrición (Alliance for Nutrition) is working with businesses and civil society to significantly reduce chronic child malnutrition in children under five years old by 2021 by supporting the government-led La Ventana de los Mil DíasHow perfect…

After speaking with FUNDESA today, it is apparent that the think tank is depending on its 30 plus years of being innovative, stable, organized and committed in order to pummel the CHILD MALNUTRITION! out of Guatemala for good.

IMG_5824_0.JPGInnovative. When we asked, Where do you see FUNDESA being the most innovative in combating chronic child malnutrition? FUNDESA responded with saying their inclusion of indigenous leaders...WOW! After a week of asking this question we had never heard this response. And, we could not agree with it more!

Stable. As mentioned above, FUNDESA has been around for more than 30 years. It is an institution that will continue to outlast any administration. It collaborates with all possible presidential candidates so that, no matter what, the most vital developmental issues for Guatemalan people will be on the top of every president’s agenda.

Organized. FUNDESA as a private sector think tank has unsurprisingly adopted the habits necessary to survive in the market. Therefore, being organized is a survival skill that they have honed. FUNDESA has conducted its due diligence on chronic child malnutrition, created strategies to get it out of Guatemala and is monitoring and evaluating their strategies to ensure they are the most targeted and effective.

Committed. FUNDESA’s commitment to solve chronic child malnutrition shined through in this meeting. The meeting was high energy, focused and impassioned. Beyond voicing the think tank’s full support for the 10 interventions under La Ventana de los Mil Días, they have added 10 extra interventions to create sustainable (healthy and nutritious) communities.

Right-on, private sector.

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