Super Market Sweep

Hungry. Sunday afternoon. Looking for something to eat, we ventured out to the nearest supermarket in the financial district.  After a ten minute walk in the hot sun wearing jeans, our first observation was that it’s next door to a high-end shopping mall.  Walking through the supermarket’s front door, we were bombarded by greeters, stockers, and product pushers.

We bee-lined it to the produce section--- neatly arranged and plentiful. Thanks, Central American Free Treaty Agreement-Dominican Republic! We decided to eat healthy and grabbed some juicy mandarins imported from the US.  As suggested in the guide books, travelers to Guatemala should eat fruits and veggies with a peel or skin to avoid produce contamination by fecal-infested water. (Water sanitation is a huge problem in Guatemala, and Dana has accidently brushed her teeth with tap water, twice!)

Concerned for Dana’s well-being, we headed over to the vitamin section. After picking up some Vitamin-C tablets, we noticed shared shelf space with several suggested supplements from the La Ventana de los Mil Dias interventions, including folic acid and prenatal vitamins.

In short, we were excited to see folic acid and prenatal vitamins readily accessible for pregnant women and mothers with children under the age of two.  Granted, we realized we were in an affluent neighborhood and in the largest city in Central America; nevertheless, we couldn’t help but wonder about the accessibly of these supplements and fresh produce next week while we’re in the Western Highlands. 

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Connect with Us! 

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