¡Vámanos! - Let’s Go!

At the moment, we are writing from the terrace of hostel Quetzalroo in the middle of Guatemala City, with the sun out, a slight breeze, chirping birds, and bed sheets hanging in our faces to dry. We realize all our posts from here on out will be totally different---they’re going to be about the experience, instead of desk research.

After an extremely bumpy descent last night into Guate, llegamos--we had arrived.   As we checked in to our hostel, we began causally chatting about our research on La Ventana de los Mil Días to the receptionist. The look on her face showed she knew exactly what we were talking about. A pleasant surprise! It confirmed our assumption that the government was trying to educate the urban population about malnutrition. She quickly told us about the central park which was full of enormous advertisements for La Ventana de los Mil Dias. (We can’t wait to check them out).

Once we dropped off our luggage in the dorm, we headed up to the terrace to catch the moonlight and recap our journey. Not soon after, a friendly gringo sat down with us. He introduced himself and told us he had overhead our conversation downstairs. It turned out that he was the founder of an agricultural NGO in Guatemala focused on helping farmers on the west coast “grow their way out of poverty”. Qué increible! And, even more incredible, he is Calyn’s cousin’s new boss! What a small world.  We had a deep conversation that lasted several hours about Guatemalan politics, agriculture, malnutrition and social perceptions. Totally stoked, we agreed to rendezvous in Xela next week to continue our conversation on innovative solutions to malnutrition and social development in Guatemala.

We haven’t even left the hostel yet, but if this is any indication of what’s to come over the next two weeks: ¡Vámanos!

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Photos from Explorers in Guatemala, Tomas Castelazo/WikiCommons


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