Explorers in Guatemala: Meet the Team

A new group of Planet Forward Explorers is headed to Guatemala to investigate the impact of nutrition in the first 1000 days of a child's life. Meet the team and follow their journey.

Dana Preston

Dana PrestonHello readers! I’m Dana and my passion is all things Latin America and the Caribbean. I studied the region in undergrad and came back for more as a MA candidate at GW. My junior year abroad in Argentina confirmed my desire to work and live abroad in LatAm. I had fallen in love with a region so rich in language, landscapes and culture but mired down in inequality. My desire to work for sustainable social and economic development in the region has become focused on women and girls. In Mexico I discovered the possibilities of economic empowerment with indigenous female artisans. In the Dominican Republic I learned about community network building as a way to combat gender-based violence. This upcoming trip to Guatemala is exciting for many reasons: 1) More travel in the beautiful and vibrant region that is Latin America! 2) Learn about Guatemala’s staggering malnutrition and current efforts to reduce it and 3) Get exposure to the incredibly innovative movement of community radio in Guatemala.

Calyn Gelinas

CalynHello! My name is Calyn. As mentioned above, I am one of the three enthusiastic people writing on this blog with the intent to not only bring you along on our exploration of one of the world’s most challenging issues in one of the world’s most beautiful countries, but to also hear about your opinions on food security, the experiences from which they came and where you are seeing innovative uses of media in the field.

I am originally from Massachusetts. I went to school in Ohio. I studied finance and economics, and took so many courses related to nature (botany, environmental biology, geology, atmospheric science, oceanography, water and society) because la amo mucho. In 2012, I moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina. I learned Spanish, interned with a recycling company, lived the vida porteña and visited as many mountains, deserts and glaciers that I could! In 2013, I started the GW Latin American and Hemispheric Studies Program (LAHSP). I am focusing on economic development and finance. More specifically the web of - trade, agriculture, finance, and policy.   

Examining the Guatemalan government’s food security Plan Cero Hambre, the role of media in La Ventana de los Mil Días and traveling to Guatemala to perform on-the-ground research is going to be quite the adventure. Hang around!

Tyler Cox

Tyler CoxHey everyone! My name is Tyler and I hail from Tampa, Florida --- home to spring training camps, Cuban sandwiches, and hand-rolled cigars. As an undergrad, I studied Latin American History and earned a certificate in Latin American and Caribbean Studies. Currently, I am pursuing my master’s degree in Latin American and Hemispheric Studies with Dana and Calyn. I’m particularly interested in media, migration, and human security issues (e.g., food security, water, and sanitation). I briefly lived on a Costa Rican organic farm, trekked a section of the Peruvian Andes, and danced milongas in Buenos Aires. I look forward to seeing how our project and adventure unfolds this March.

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