Flight of the Quetzal: An Introduction to Guatemala

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Warm welcome to our Planet Forward blog. We are the EXPLORERS IN GUATEMALA! Three inquisitive GWU graduate students from the Elliott School of International Affairs partnering with Planet Forward on our Latin American and Hemispheric Studies Program capstone project. Our capstone project is our program requirement that replaces the traditional graduate thesis requirement to get us out into the world to experience and research what is unfolding on the ground. Fortunate for us Planet Forward is very supportive of this innovative concept and is providing our team with the funds to go to Guatemala  to conduct our research and the online platform to share this project with all of you.

We will be traveling to Guatemala March 8 and will be there for two weeks conducting research on the communication strategy of the Guatemalan Government’s health initiative La Ventana de los Mil Días (The 1,000 Days Window). La Ventana de los Mil Días references the important timeframe between a child's conception and second birthday when mothers and their children must receive adequate nutrition to ensure proper child development. The mission of the initiative is to educate and change the health and nutrition habits of pregnant women and mothers. The success of the initiative is pivotal for lowering the country’s dismal child malnutrition rate and breaking the poverty cycle. Therefore, the success of a communication strategy is even more important.

Well it’s going to go fast from here. In February, we’ll complete our desk work and confirm our site visits. In March, we’ll fly to Guatemala, conduct our research and fly back. In April, we’ll analyze our data from the field and reveal our conclusions. Por favor! Meanwhile, we are going to be sharing every moment we can with you! Until May, we’ll be blogging/tweeting/instagramming.

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Photo Courtesy of Donna J. Provancher

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