Kenyan App Gets Farmers Paid

NAIROBI, Kenya – Most Westerners think of Silicon Valley as the center of high technology. It’s where the latest and greatest comes from, the products we suddenly can’t live without.

But nearly halfway around the world there’s a market bursting with tech opportunities in Nairobi, Kenya – better known as the “Silicon Savanna”. John Waibochi, the Founder and CEO of Virtual City, is no stranger to this industry.

In his early years of working for a telecommunications firm, John saw potential in the Internet and mobile phone businesses. Now with his own flagship company, Virtual City, he focuses on giving real people easy tech solutions to solve every day problems.

John and his team developed Agrimangr, a mobile phone app that helps farmers track their products from farm to table. Agrimangr and its automation process cut down fraud, manipulation and corruption throughout the entire buying and selling process. This app gives even the smallest farmer a sense of empowerment knowing that they are getting the true value for all of their crops.

Close to 450,000 farmers are currently using Agrimangr. Waibochi knows his product has the potential to grow significantly in the next few years. He hopes to take it into Western African and has long term plans to extend into Asia.

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