I Wish I Had More Time

I wish I had more time.

 More time to see, more time to feel, more time to think. But time, just like life, moves on and stops for no one.

Our journey in Africa was a blur. Our time was short and our mission was long. We went with a purpose-- to find innovations in food technology. And while we accomplished our goal, we had just scratched the surface.

Food insecurity is very real and prevalent in East Africa but it is an issue many are working hard to solve. People from all groups, whether it be international, federal or local, are coming together to fight hunger and they are all finding their own ways to make a difference. Some are looking at food production itself. Others are looking at outside influences on food insecurity such as technology, cooking fuel, water accessibility and education 

Each project is a chapter in the bigger story and those chapters are what we told. But leaving Africa, I felt unfulfilled. Leaving a story halfway told irritated the storyteller in me. I wanted more. I still want more. I want to be there to see how the story plays out. How these innovations are shaping the fight against food insecurity. If time was on my side (as well as the funding), I would have stayed to tell the tale from start to finish because what I learned is that there will be a finish...eventually.

Time may have stopped me for now, but I will return to add the final chapter.

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