Karibu Sana, You Are Most Welcome!

After being back in the US for nearly two weeks, our trip to Africa seems like a distant dream. All too soon, the rhythm and monotony of having a routine and being on a schedule has set right back in. I'm not too sure I'm fond of that. I know I was bit by a travel bug at a very young age. With my Dad's job taking us back and forth to the Bahamas, it is no surprise I found a love of sunshine, adventure, and culture. While it was very different from the US, I felt comfortable around Bahamian people and the island lifestyle. Most importantly, I knew the door was always open and I was always welcome. And that's how I was taught to look at the world. As a place with people who want to learn and grow from one another. As long as you are willing to take the first step, the door will always be open to explore. Tanzania and Kenya were no exception. Both countries greeted us with open arms and invited us to learn as much as we could. Every where we went, whether for an interview or just to explore, the locals were so excited to introduce themselves and meet us in return. Even though it usually got a little long, their respect and gratitude for having visitors was admirable. As for food production, there is no question that Africa is booming with opportunity. Whether the innovation is as simple as a greenhouse in Zanzibar or as complex as a mobile application which eliminates corruption in Nairobi, there are large and small scale solutions that are actually working and are helping to feed the planet. I can't wait to watch the rest of this story unfold. There's no doubt in my mind that these ideas out of Africa have the ability to change the world. The only real way to summarize this trip in three words is this: I want to go back. Africa, on the whole, showed me how much it has to offer. And it is so much more than war, poverty, and violence. The landscapes are breathtaking and the people are warm and welcoming.  I can only hope that my adventurous spirit leads me back to explore Africa more. 

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