Just a Little More Motivation

When I think back at all the stories and traveling we have done, it's hard to believe that we are only at the half way mark of our trip. In just 10 days we have visited three countries and five cities, taken six planes, a couple boat rides, and way too many car rides to count (one being a five hour drive across the border of Tanzania into Kenya). In just 10 days we have covered a number of stories, from women entrepreneurs fighting malnutrition in Dar Es Salaam to farmers learning about various food diseases in rural Zanzibar, school children learning farming techniques in Arusha and mobile tech companies helping farmers gain access to new information in Nairobi.

What is even more unbelievable is how motivated and committed everyone we have spoken to is about fighting food insecurity in their home country. In the western world, and especially the United States, we look at Africa as a place that needs our help but in reality, they are already helping themselves. Many have found the solution to the problem, they just need a little help getting past a few road blocks, whether that be more financing for their start up companies, change in social and gender perceptions, access to better education or just a little more motivation. It is our job now to show support for the battles they are already fighting if we plan to move the planet forward.
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