Oh the travel moments...

There's a reason I like movies. It's something about the way a movie brings life's little ironies into existence that just makes me laugh. And when you're traveling sometimes every last ironic "movie moment" tends to happen all at once. That's exactly how our day traveling from Dar es Saalam to Zanzibar  turned out. Waking up at 5:30 am to catch a 7:20 am flight is never fun. And let me tell you if we were in the US we would have needed to leave the hotel at 4 am to be to the airport on time. But, friends, we are on Africa time. We arrived to check in to our flight with 40 minutes left to board. Plenty of time... However the airline moved our flight up to leave at 7 am and failed to tell anyone. So when plan B arrives what do you do but embrace it? Soon enough we were in the air... but not all that comfortably. Imani wasn't too excited about how small the plane was, but I had a different take:


Guess what? We made it! (Obviously, or you wouldn't have this post.)

The team arrives in Zanzibar 
The team arrives in Zanzibar.

Zanzibar blew me away from the minute we made it to the island. The lush rich greenery and the vivid blue ocean could capture anyone's heart. When we made it to our first set of interviews we met Danny Coyne, a scientist who focuses on plant health. He and his team work with local farmers to help them grow their tomatoes more efficiently. Almost a scene out of Tarzan and an hour or so drive into the Dongu region, we quickly became surrounded by trees much taller than we were and the most hospitable farmers. They showed us around their land and spoke to us about the challenges they faced when growing including limited access to water and diseases which kill their crops. I'm sure you are thinking by now that if today was just like a movie, where is the plot twist? Cause as you can see, we had an amazing day! I have never felt so at home so far away from my own bed. The people are so warm and welcoming and willing to share. Doing an interview in Swahili even with a translator was tough but a ton of fun. So the twist? After two days of shooting, my camera batteries are dead. And that's not a big deal when you have a charger. Except, somehow that one small, but very important thing got left out of my backpack. And all I can think of is Sh**! Everyone loves a good cliffhanger, right? This is my plug to stay tuned to see if I will find a charger (I have hope!) Keep  following our twitter and blog for our latest updates!

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