Planning & Logistics

We're less than 72 hours away from our trip and I'm finally able to get excited. I had to make a quick transition from full time "multimedia journalist" to "academic" when I accepted the amazing opportunity to work with the School of Media and Public Affairs and its been a bit of a blur for the last few weeks. I will admit, I'm not an agriculture expert. My areas of expertise focuses on women and girls in conflict zones in sub-Saharan Africa and the intersection of health, mobile technology and gender equality within patriarchal societies. However, I've spent the last six weeks immersing myself in any and everything related to agriculture, food security, climate change and food production! This upcoming trip to Tanzania and Kenya is going to be challenging yet extremely rewarding. Some of our stories didn't come together, others manifested in the last day. A few contacts have disappeared, while new contacts appeared this afternoon. I've had a crash course in logistics planning the GW way, which really forced me to be detailed and thorough. So while I still have several details to iron out, I can rest well tonight knowing that we are going to gather compelling and engaging positive stories out of two African countries over the next 3 weeks and that is all the motivation I need.

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