The Best Ideas of 2012

Here at Planet Forward, 2012 was a big year!  We found some great new innovations that have the potential to change the debate on climate, energy, and sustainability in the U.S. and around the world.  Here are our favorite ideas of 2012 that we featured on our weekly Bloomberg West segment!

But just because the year is ending doesn’t mean we’re done looking for new ideas.  What do you think?  Let us know about your idea that can move the planet forward into 2013!

Moo-ving the Planet Forward

Got milk?  This thermal-energy battery created by Promethean Power Systems allows dairy farmers in India to refrigerate their milk before they transport it to processing plants.  This method can help reduce the need for diesel fuel and unreliable electricity, lowering the farmers' carbon footprints and making the milk safer to drink.

Sweet and Sustainable

Who can argue with a battery that lasts ten times longer than current types while using no toxic metals? By using enzymes to convert sugar into energy (just like we do), the bio-battery can generate a large amount of electrical energy more efficiently than traditional batteries.

Go Fish

Headed to the beach this holiday season?  Be on the lookout for robotic fish that scan the water for algal blooms, pollution and more. Sound a little fishy?  Check it out!

Small but Mighty

In the future, you won’t need to fight over parking! These shareable electric cars can stack together like shopping carts, so they take up less space and also make getting around cities easier and more environmentally friendly!

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