Staying Warm and Going Green!

Grab your coats, hats, and scarves because winter is almost here!  But before crank up the heat in your home or business, remember that you’re using lots of energy to do that (of course, if you’re a Planet Forward Friend, you know that already, right?).

This week we take a look at Planet Forward innovators who are creating new ways to stay warm while being more efficient.  This week on Bloomberg West, we featured Thermoceramix, a company that is taking electric heat to a new level.  They have created a sprayable thermal coating that can take the place of electric coils.  The creators hope to implement it on a larger, industrial scale, but right now you can still see how it helps cook up a tasty steak!

Do you have your own innovative way to stay warm this winter?  Let us know by submitting your idea to Planet Forward today!

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