Let The Campus Challenge Begin!

Please note: The Campus Challenge deadline has changed from November 30 to December 11. All submissions will now be accepted until December 11.

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GW Planet Forward and Office of Sustainability Present…
The Campus Challenge

Win a Capital Bikeshare!

Soon the weather will be changing, and Planet Forward is gearing up. We're seeking videos or essays that demonstrate clever ways to live sustainably.

We're setting up a Campus Challenge page here on PlanetForward.org, where you can vote for the best submissions. The submission that receives the most votes wins FREE CAPITAL BIKESHARE MEMBERSHIP FOR ONE YEAR.

Show us an idea that's moving the planet forward.

Submissions may feature anything from DIY composting to potato-powered light bulbs. They also should address the following questions:

Why is your idea different? What is cool or new about it? How will it impact our future?



  1. One minute and fifteen seconds (1:15) or less in length.
  2. Upload to YouTube or Vimeo, then submit to our site.
  3. Be creative! We’ll take anything from web cam commentary to music videos. As always, the best submissions could end up on TV!


  1. 300 words or less.
  2. Provide reasoned arguments, reports on new research, or personal experiences.
  3. Photos, charts or graphs are strongly encouraged, as well as slideshows.


The GW Campus Challenge is limited to students, faculty, staff, and alumni of The George Washington University.

How do you move the Planet Forward? Tweet us @planet_forward or contribute to the conversation with your own story.