EPA: No need for action after latest Dimock water tests Resident declines replacement for water with high arsenic

The EPA found water quality from 16 homes in Dimock to require “no further action” after the latest round of sampling to assess the impact of shale gas development on water supplies in the area.After finding elevated levels of arsenic in one well, the agency offered an alternate water supply to a resident who declined the offer, according to an EAP report released this afternoon.

The tests results released this afternoon included data of the third set of samples taken from 61 homes this year. Test from about 14 more homes are pending.

A set of results released April 6 found traces of elevated levels of sodium, methane, arsenic, chromium, and lithium in 71 samples from 20 different wells that were at or near “action levels,” which are flags for further analysis. But to date, none of the test results, which include some water supplies that have been taken off line, have warranted immediate action in the agency’s assessment. The EPA is continuing to supply water to four homes that have previously tested positive for pollution at levels that have raised health concerns.

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