Planet Forward Debut on Bloomberg West

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Planet Forward has partnered with the daily technology and business TV show, Bloomberg West, to bring you stories about energy and environmental innovations and innovators. The collaboration will feature ideas that have been submitted on and evaluated by our members, experts and editorial team. We are looking for innovative businesses that could transform the way we make and use energy, reduce our environmental impact and adapt to the changing climate.

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The first segment, which aired on Tuesday at 6 pm and 11 pm EST on Bloomberg TV, will feature Verdant Power, a company that is building underwater turbines in Manhattan’s East River. They are proving that you don’t need dams or raging rivers to create renewable hydro power. All it takes is the natural water currents of rivers, tides, and man-made channels to create a sustainable form of power. See the original video.

Bloomberg West is the ideal partner for Planet Forward. The show focuses on technology, innovation and business, with a west coast appeal. They’ve focused on stories like presidential hopeful Mitt Romney’s appeal to tech supporters, innovations from Russia’s space program, and whether or not you can fry an egg on an iPad.

“By partnering with Bloomberg Television, Planet Forward has the opportunity to leverage the network’s national reach to substantially expand its online community,’” said Frank Sesno, founder of Planet Forward and the director of GW’s School of Media and Public Affairs. “We’ve created a collaborative online forum, gathering and creating dialogue around innovative ideas from scientists, business leaders, students and government leaders, and this partnership allows us to share these ideas with the widest possible audience.”

Bloomberg also launched a Sustainability section on their website in November where they feature stories about how businesses can “thrive in a climate of growing global competition for resources, efficiency and innovation.”

Watch the original video on Verdant Power:

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