Making the Most of Water

Water is often called the "canary in the coal mine" of climate change--how we use, save and clean our water will be a big indicator of how well we adapt to the changing climate. Do you have an idea for keeping the water flowing? Tell us.

Osorb Oil Spill Cleanup Osorb is a product that absorbs oil and other contaminants from water. After a disaster spills from cars, household cleaners, and businesses make a toxic brew that can contaminate the water supply. Will this work?

GWU's Solar Water HeatingSolar water heating is one of the most efficient ways to use solar energy. See how the George Washington University has teamed up with one business to provide solar hot water to students on campus.

Wet and Dry in MauritiusOne problem with water: sometimes you get too much of it. Mauritius is figuring out new ways to grow food that will help even out the supply of this precious resource. (Also, this video is beautiful!)

Green Technologies Clean Up Syracuse’s Dirty Waterways Syracuse New York, once known for having the most polluted lake in the nation, has cleaned up its act. Can policy be the solution?

Bluehouse Water Treatment Wish your water treatment plant looked like a greenhouse? Organica's water treatment system is beautiful, but is it sustainable?

Want more ideas about water?

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