EPA P3 Competition

How to make a cool video

Planet Forward is working with EPA’s P3 Competition to bring you the latest innovations from colleges around the country that are working on projects that promote sustainability.Their ideas will be entered into a competition where YOU decide who makes it on TV.  Similar to our Solar Decathlon competition, the teams will compete for your votes and the winner will be chosen by our online community.

Are you a P3 contestant?  Here how you get started:

Find out great tricks for helping you tell your story on our Planet Forward 101 page.

To get a better idea of what video contributions look like, check one out.  This video was made by Jamie Hestekin’s P3 team from University of Arkansas last year and was featured on the PBS Broadcast and went on to win the online portion of the innovator of the year competition.  See where they are now.

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Who do we work with?
Through Planet Forward’s collaborations with media outlets, your work could be featured in their live audience TV Special, on the Nightly Business Report on PBS, National Geographic, The Huffington Post, or in one of their weekly webisodes. and the Nightly Business Report, where the University of Arizona’s P3 team had their idea recently featured on national television. See all the P3 teams here

So what now?

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