Ask an Expert: Campus Sustainability Day

Campus Sustainability Day is Wednesday! Campus Sustainability Day, hosted by Second Nature, is a day for colleges and universities to spark a conversation about sustainability programs. In addition, we're launching a partnership with Second Nature to find the nation's Climate Leaders. Is your college or university blazing a trail in sustainability? Let us know! Learn more>>

To kick off the campaign, we've teamed up with The George Washington University's sustainability guru, Meghan Chapple-Brown, to bring you a very special version of our program, Ask an Expert.

We're taking your questions and ideas, and she'll respond: What is your campus doing to be sustainable? What should colleges be doing to promote sustainability? Check out her responses and add your own questions! Got more questions? Check out Second Nature's interactive Q&A.

How to use this page: Scroll through the questions to the right of the video window to see her answers to the things we've already asked. Ask a new question in the panel under the video. Check back on Monday to see her answer!

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