Bangkok Underground: How to Prepare for a Flood

Once called the "Venice of the East" because of its extensive canal system, Bangkok is a city that has been dealing with flooding for hundreds of years. It's built on water. In fact, the primary housing option in the city in the 18th century was floating rafts. As the city has modernized, and its people moved on land, flooding has become more of an issue. In 1983, a flood submerged much of Bangkok and didn't recede until four months later. Last October, floods killed 32 in rural Thailand and threatened the city again in March.

This constant flooding has forced the city to develop an innovative flood preparation network. Planet Forward producer, Victoria Reiss talked to Porntep Techapaibul, the Deputy Governor of Bangkok about their flood plan, which includes a system of dykes and underground tunnels that direct the water away from the city.


This system has prepared Bangkok for a future of rising sea levels and increased storms -- both of which are predicted to result from climate change.

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