PF's Desert Island, All-Time Top 5 Green Architecture Videos

How would John Cusack in "High Fidelity" pay tribute to his most unforgettable innovators? Through a countdown list, of course! For this Memorial Day retrospective, we reached back into the hallowed annals of Planet Forward's architecture page, plucked the skeletons from the virtual closets, and pieced together our Top 5 green building ideas. Which one tore out our hearts and left us wallowing in vintage pop records?

5. Middlebury Solar Decathlon: Self-reliance

We were both in college, exploring ourselves, looking for a home. Your musical tastes were hokey, for sure, and you had a habit of scribbling down every detail that popped into your mind. Somehow, you've stuck in our minds ever since.

4. Hardest Hit Survival Strategies from the Front Lines

You spoke fluently about exotic architectural designs, beckoning us to travel the world in search of answers to environmental conundrums. You hit us hard. But you didn't reshape our soul.

3. Zombie Subdivisions

I'm still not sure how we ended up together. I mean, zombie cul-de-sacs to nowhere. Really??
It goes to show you: when CEOs get as bogged down in credit as a 30-something-year-old record store owner in a bowl of Ramen noodles, you end up with some weird scenarios.

2. The Philosophy of Energy Auditing

We were barely media teenagers when Christopher Gregory met Pascale Maslin in October to learn about the energy auditing business. Gregory dazzled us with his supreme production quality, his profound lighting, his expert camera angles. We swooned at Maslin's (Aussie?) accent. We thought you were the one. Like a Bruce Springsteen song, I guess, we just wanted to see you, hear from you.

1. Empire State of Energy

It just made sense in the end. We reached spectacular heights, like the Empire State Building and the April 2011 PBS Special. We stuck together through thick and thin--glass, that is. Before either of us knew what had happened, we had witnessed the making of a monumental achievement in film and architecture.
So there you have it. Number One on the All-Time Top 5. Savor the moment. Cherish it. You never know when the next innovation will come along, glossy and shining, to send us tumbling head over solar panels.

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