We've led 3 to fame-are you next?

With Planet Forward's PBS Special fast approaching in April, the scouts are out. Who will be famous next?...#energyfamous that is.

Truth be told, the special will not be the first time Planet Forward has presented the opportunity for fame; we've got three priors. And if you've snooped around our site, chances are that you know exactly who they are: MPGomatic, Danny Kennedy, and Eben Bayer.

Fame for MPGomatic began by featuring the launch of the Nissan LEAF on the website. The LEAF represented the "first affordable mass market highway-capable pure electric vehicle". Naturally Planet Forward wanted to see what all the fuss was about. We featured the idea on the series premiere of our show on NBR (PBS's Nightly Business Report) and fame was accomplished via national television. Here's a link to check out the episode: http://planetforward.org/nbr/planet-forwards-premier-segment-on-nbr/

Next was Danny Kennedy with his innovative idea to "Lease the Sun". His company, Sungevity offered the option to lease solar panels to their customers in order to decrease total cost for the pricey panels. His idea was featured on another NBR episode. Here's a link: http://planetforward.org/nbr/planet-forward-on-nightly-business-report/

And finally there is Eben Bayer: young entrepreneur at large. He owns Ecovative Design, a company which produces biodegradable packaging material. Their goal? Replace styrofoam. His ideas were posted on Planet Forward explaining the innovative and ecological design which uses mushrooms and other agricultural waste to make it's products. Like the others, his idea appeared on PBS. Here's a link to the episode. http://planetforward.org/nbr/are-mushrooms-the-new-plastic/

You could be next on the list.

On April 8, Planet Forward is airing a special on PBS with the possibility of featuring your innovative idea. Keep contributing ideas, the best ideas will be nominated based on their viability. Then vote on those nominated (or just your own) and the ideas with the most votes will make it on the show! To vote visit our nominee page.

If you have any questions visit our FAQ page.

So if you don't have ideas yet- get them up there! And if you already have an idea- promote it like crazy.

Let the fame begin.

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