Going Green Starts With You

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By Miranda Green

I thought I knew what being green was. Growing  up in California, my own interpretation of the “green” capitol of the world, I thought it meant recycling and not leaving the sink running and driving a Prius. Well after working with PlanetForward for the last four months I can tell you being green and helping the environment means much more than that. Being green isn’t just based on what you can do, but what you can see. It relies on being aware.

Be aware of the world around you and the personal impact you are making. Sure don’t leave the water running, and of course recycle!, but also don’t be afraid to take part in new scientific inventions no matter how “kooky” they may seem, to engage with your community and spark discussion on how to better your environment and to be different for the sake of the earth.

Global warming and diminishing non-renewable energy sources are current realities, and fixing them shouldn’t be taken lightly.

The best thing you can do is to actually do something. Whether it be to install solar panels on your home’s roof, plant a vegetable garden in your backyard or install a bio-fuel tank in your basement there are new ways daily to personally contribute to the energy fight.

One day we will get there, and getting there depends on you.

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