Find Your Green!

As an Environmental Studies Major, a chance to work with Planet Forward has made me more aware of the disconnect between people and energy efficiency.  Hearing from regular Americans about the energy crisis helped emphasize the division that exists between these fields.  The range in opinions on how to solve our energy crisis from drilling in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to installing solar panels emphasizes the conflict that exists within the energy realm.  There is no one answer in the energy field, it seems as though a combination of ideas and technologies must be used to combat the issue.  Installing solar panels on homes and building passive homes are ways that individuals can reduce energy consumption, but these methods are not accessible to everyone.  Instead, people can focus on greening their everyday activities whether it be by using more public transportation, turning off the lights, using energy efficient technology or unplugging unused electronics.  The practices, technologies and innovations for energy efficiency are limitless, so start thinking!

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