A new shade of Green

When I first sat down to write this blog (summarizing what I had learnt during my semester of working with Planet Forward) I had a million and one things going through my mind.  Where do I stat? What do I narrow it down to? I guess in the end that is the point, the realization that we have an endless capacity for innovation and ideas that will move us forward in this battle (yes, I said battle) towards a more energy efficient future.

When I first began this class I felt somewhat like a traitor, I had been aware of the horrible energy situation that we are in but had managed to coddle myself into believing that I was doing my part by recycling (two very different issues, yes I know.) Like so many people I had included our inefficient energy consumption to the list of things that were affecting our world negatively, and there it had stayed, accumulating dust.

And now? Well, now I can tell you that by lowering our thermostats a mere 2 degrees we can save the CO2 output equivalent of driving over 600 miles. I know that every tree in DC is making a difference, and that’s just the beginning.  I have a realization that being “Green” means so much more than a recycled bottle or a light that is switched off, it is the realization and the understanding that we share a precious few resources that must be nurtured. There are amazing innovations are all around us and the future of energy is promising, we just have to give these innovators and ideas a platform to the word (enter planetforward.org).

These great new social media platforms have been a driving force behind our class and behind this very website. From Facebook and Twitter to Vimeo and Youtube and from hundreds of blogs to the RSS feeds that enabled us to make sense of them all, you name it, we use it.

Now, every time I go to the farmer’s market to buy groceries and think of how much gas the was used to transport it or I hear a car drive by and remember the silent elegance of the Nissan Leaf I will also be aware of the world that drives these innovational ideas and trends, and I will be part of a truly GREEN movement.

Special thanks to Frank Sesno for pushing us to achieve and Roger Hommel for constantly being there for our panicked break downs in the edit room.

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