"Green" clothing can change the world!

While many assume that the fashion world has minimal involvement in social or political issues, a new wave of eco-friendly clothing says otherwise. Fashion designers, both high-end and affordable, are employing natural and fair-trade materials that make going green both trendy and accessible.

The clothing is made up of fair-trade materials like soy, organic cotton, bamboo, and leather-alternatives. Organic cotton, which was made popular by the brand Loomstate, is a crop developed without the use of pesticides, herbicides or insecticides. Perhaps most relevant and eco-conscious is the advantages of recycled fleece, which reduces our dependence on foreign oil and is believed to decrease water, air and soil contamination. This is possible because the procedure eliminates the process of polyester being incinerated at a landfill. These processes often have catastrophic effects on the environment because they emit toxins that pollute the environment. Many consider bamboo one of the leading green-fabrics as it does not need chlorine to be dyed. Most fabrics that do not dye easily necessitate harsher chemicals and much more water, both of which are detrimental to our earth.

Eco friendly fashion is not only accessible, but often cheaper, which makes it a great holiday gift, or at least a new trend to keep an eye out for when perusing the stores this season. Becoming green has long been a grassroots project that has recently become a national and global issue. While it is incredibly encouraging that much of our national and international agenda relates to reducing our carbon footprint, let’s remember that we, too, can take part. And, plus, it’s a great excuse to go shopping!

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