Where Does the Power Stand?

The 2010 elections brought with them an onslaught of “wooohoo’s” and “Ahhhhrrghh’s” from the millions of spectators that were eagerly watching, waiting and holding their breath. To many people’s surprise the Tea party’s sweeping introduction came as a shock, but to others, what was more daunting was what this new generation would mean for the Green movement, climate and energy.

Well, the answer seemed to be, grim at best, with half of the 60 Tea Party backed candidates having gone on record previously denying the existence of climate change. The shockers don’t stop there either. The GOP plans to go after the EPA and "investigate" climate scientists in an effort to brainwash the public into the belief that climate change is a scam.

And here we find ourselves at the more uplifting segment of this post, climate scientists have finally had enough and will no longer stand by waiting to be asked for their opinions.

As reaction to the political success that denying climate change has gotten, the American Geophysical Union (the United States' largest association of climate scientists) has decided to rally and assemble.  Together they will publicly speak up about climate science and the facts behind it. All 700 climate researchers have agreed to participate in the campaign to help educate the general public. The scientists, many of whom have traditionally stayed out of politics and stayed out of the most media outlets are planning to go head to head against the allegations made by the climate change “deniers” They hope that this will shed light on the untrue claims of the GOP and aforementioned candidates.

While we have been having some great achievements in our fight to be a greener less destructive species, it is still a shocking statement that has been made. When scientists have to continuously defend their scientifically proven findings we have to question our situation.

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